BF10-050 Accelarated Flow Sensor

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BF10-050 Accelerated Averaging Pitot Tube Flow Sensor

It is a new flow measuring device which is scientifically composed of accelerometer, balancer and constant velocity tube.
BF10-050 is a new generation of differential pressure flow measurement technology with new concept research, design and development, in order to solve the problem of low flow rate, wide range, lack of straight pipe section or straight pipe section, and high measurement accuracy. .
The BF10-050 contracted flow correction section profile is symmetrical. It consists of an inlet cylinder (including expansion joints), an inlet constriction section, a cylindrical throat and a gradually enlarged diffusion section. Among them, the cylinder and the constricted section at the entrance of the pipe section act to increase the flow velocity, and the irregular complex flow state is quickly arranged into a linear streamline profile in the cylindrical throat to shrink the fluid, thereby overcoming The flow rate is low, the range is wide, and the upstream straight pipe section is insufficient or there is no straight pipe section, and the inaccurate or inaccurate field problem is caused; the exit is a gradually enlarged diffusion section, and the action of the diffusion section causes the pressure loss after the acceleration to decrease. It is the smallest.