BF20-12 Pipe Neck Butt Welding Flange Type

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Wedge flow meter consists of a wedge type flow sensor, two pressure taps, a set of three valves manifold and a different pressure transmitter.

Wedge type flowmeter utilizes V-shaped restrictions to produce a square root relationship between different pressure and volumetric flow. Elements are designed for either clean or dirty service and are offered in various materials, pipe sizes, and pressure ratings. The different pressure is measured by a different pressure transmitter.

The wedge elements are available with six different standard wedge ratios to provide the required different pressure over a wide range of flow rates. The wedge ratio is defined as H/D where H is the wedge opening height and D is the nominal pip diameter.

The wedge restriction is V-shaped at an optimum angle to give the best possible characteristics when measuring viscous fluids.

The element will handle applications where the pipe Reynolds number is as low as 300(well into the laminar flow zone) and as high as 1*106. This makes the elements well suited to gas or steam flow measurement.