Balanced Flow Sensor

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BF00 balanced flow meter has made the enormous improvementto the tradition throttling gear; it has the balanced rectification dominantcharacter. Tradition throttling gear only has a circulation hole, after thethrottle, it causes the fluid to lose the perfect condition. While the balancedflow meter has many function apertures, it can make the flow field balancedrectification become the ideal fluidfurthest, thus it makes the differentialpressure type flow sensor's superioritybring into play better. The balanced flow meteris suitable nearly for all fluid measurements; it is a fluid measurementtechnology innovation. At present, the balanced flow meter has been alreadywidely applied to the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy,electric power, natural gas, water treatment and so on.

BF00 series balanced flow meter is applicable for measuring the flowrate of mixed gases (such as mash gas, sewage gas, coal gas, etc.), all kindsof cryogenic gases (such as LNG, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen,liquid argon, liquid hydrogen , liquid chlorine, liquefied ethylene, liquefiedpetroleum gas, etc.), gas liquid two phase mediums(such as moisture) slurry, multi-phase water flow, vibrating water flow, bidirection flow, and electromagnetic interference medium, etc.