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Orifice plate is the flowmeter which has longest history and has largest consumptions. The differential pressure flow meter with the throttling device as the detecting component is one of the most widely used flow meters in the world. We call it throttling differential pressure flow meter, and its range of applications has been the top one in all flowmeters.

The orifice plate is actually a single-hole measurement method for the balance flow meter, and the balance is a porous orifice plate measurement method.

Like other differential pressure flow sensors, the orifice is based on the principle of energy conversion in a sealed pipe: in the case of an ideal fluid, the flow in the pipe is proportional to the square root of the differential pressure;

The flow rate in the pipe can be calculated from the Bernoulli equation by measuring the differential pressure value.

Calculate the volume flow and mass flow according to the Bernoulli equation:

Bernoulli equation:

Q= K×C×√∆P

Q = volume flow in the pipe

K = flow coefficient

C=flow constant (constant)

ΔP = differential pressure value

It can be seen that C is a constant. To determine Q, K and ΔP must be determined firstly.

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