BOOCCA Averaging Pitot Tube win the prize

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Determined exclusively by the readers of Control magazine, Control’s 2018 Choice Awards honor vendors for best-in-class products in 10 overall product categories and 84 subcategories of process control equipment and software packages. These products are judged by ease of specification and procurement, cost, delivery speed, quality functionality, precision, stability, reliability and customer service.


BOOCCA Averaging Pitot Tube rank #9 in this year’s Choice Awards.

When one reviews this year’s selection, it is important to remember that the survey had open-ended questions with no choices given. The automation professionals who took the survey had to ‘write-in’ their preferred vendor. The fill-in-the-blank format of the survey means every supplier has an equal chance—the choices are not limited to a selection of entries determined by vendors, editors or other people who are not practicing process automation professionals.


Each end user was invited to vote for up to three vendors in each category and discipline, and their first-, second- and third-place votes were weighted to yield a rank of up to five top positions in each subcategory.


On the survey, the end users were asked to vote only in those categories where they have personal experience. A vote for a specific company should mean the respondent has found its products to be better than other companies’ in that category.